About us

The Reconta Management Group was formed in 2002 from the initiative of Mr. Claudio Pucci, Italian Accountan. The company has its main headquarters in Bucharest and another subsidiary in Ploiesti due to its central position and the facile conections with Bucharest, it carries out its activity all around Romania.

The professional experience, increased by the presence of a mixed Italian-Romanian capital and the passion in its work, helped RGM to grow and develop through the years. The aim of the group is to offer professional support to those companies operating in Romania, with a particular interest in Italian and foreign investors who localize their business in this country and need advice and assistance.

The activities of R.M.G. are carried out respecting quality standards, with foreign professionals who have provided the know-how coming from years of experience in many specialization branches of this professional field.

The company is authorized to carry out its professional activity in Romania, being registered in the CECCAR (professional accountants order of Romania).

vThe staff is made up of professionals who cover both fiscal, administrative, financial and working area. All the member of our staff speak Romanian, English and Italian fluently.