Company consultation and files

  • Romanian and foreign companies, branch and agency offices formation
  • Company domiciliation
  • Fiscal & groups planning
  • Commercial partners research and joint venture constitution
  • Files carrying out at the trade register, judicial and administrative offices

Fiscal consultation

  • Assistance in the event of revenue inspections
  • Consultanta privind legislatia financiar-contabila
  • Consultanta privind strategia economica si financiara
  • Asistenta in elaborarea planului de afaceri si a studiilor de fezabilitate
  • Registration in the register of Intra-Community Operators
  • VAT and tax remission files o fiscal certificates application files

Working consultation

  • Payrolls elaboration
  • Employers engagement and dismissal files
  • Working contracts elaboration
  • File carrying out at the job centre and social security file
  • A1 model application at the Ministry of Labour o periodical fulfilment management

Administrative consultation and management

  • Bookkeeping
  • Periodical administrative and fiscal fulfilment management
  • Balance and fiscal declaration elaboration

Other services

  • Balance analysis and rating
  • Balance reclassification in Community format
  • Financial assistance and consulting and grant awards (structural funds)
  • Asistance in organizing and ruling the financial department of the enterprise
  • Interpreting services and sworn translations

Legal consultation and assistance