Relocation to Romania

The term “relocation” refers to the transfer of the production activity from companies located in Italy to others located in other countries, or the opening of new production units abroad.
The reasons that determinate a company to relocate can be of commercial and/or productive nature.
In the first case, the company wants to find new markets, which in the case of Romania it has become very interesting, to increase sales and expand its market share.
In the case of production relocation, the company is attracted by an acceptable tax pressure as well as by the lack of workforce in Italy.
In this regard, Romania has been the destination, in recent years, of the greatest number of Italian relocations, mainly concerning the manufacturing, mechanical, furniture and services sectors. The most important sector from the numerical point of view concerns the first mentioned, in which companies move production abroad to save on the workforce, while maintaining the research and development sector in Italy.
But the reasons listed above are not the only ones that encourage Italian entrepreneurs to choose the Romanian market.
Actually, the main reasons for which one decides to relocate is for them to be able to enjoy the subsidies and to participate in privatization, to access European funds that are not available in Italy, or to benefit from the investment support.
Since 2002 Reconta Management Group guarantees a “COMPLETE” professional support to companies who operate – or who want to operate – in Romania, with particular attention to Italian and foreign investors who locate their business in this country, which for its location in the heart of the Europe, its joining the EU and the substantial funds allocated by the European Community, has become strategic for investors who cultivate interests in Eastern Europe.

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